Its right there. a solution to all the the unsolved. It wont hurt much Maybe a little more than you normally handle But its the heathen key To all darkness To the unseen that all wonder about. The ticket to moving up north May she should cash it in And seek refuge as it is.... Continue Reading →

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Let’s Hurt Tonight

  No nope not this time OneRepublic. I have been listening to you tell me love is pain and that i can't get it from my veins and i believe you.Yes i do.For the most part yes.But what is love?Pray do tell what is it in gaseous form?liquid?solid?Why is it capable of choking and... Continue Reading →

My Blissful Lash

'Hey,Hi,excuse me please? 'You cant look cool shouting over the bar.Simply push your glass he will notice you thank me later.' 'Urm  thank you most kind sir' But to whom was i telling this.He was out of earshot before he even heard my gratitude which was very sincere unlike most times.It stung he had won... Continue Reading →

The Weights

The weights Aye riddle this anyone They are invisible I sigh I grope I hope There it is I can almost reach it So close yet so far away I sigh I grimace In pain and resignation I scream I wave I scratch at the glass This real world seems so close though I'm tired... Continue Reading →


The caller hung up Before I could utter My occasional courteous line ‘Who am I talking to? Please?’ I stared at the call log a minute or two Eyes struggling with light; under the display Seventeen minutes past two AM; the clock said Who was she? I redialled the number Not sure they would pick;... Continue Reading →

The girl of my dreams

Dear Night Time Girl, Good morning she?How was your night?Oh wait don't fade away yet.Today is about you.For starters, why dyou fall asleep when i wake up ?And why is it that we don't have conversations and yet we seem to be so alike yet so different.So, i'm writing this letter to ask for a... Continue Reading →

Mi Delirio Perfecto

Stop smiling already It's too early to be chewing on candy They weekend is already gone? I must have missed a day or two Why're you always glowing You never stammer on phone calls whose on call? Why d'you keep drumming on the desk when evening is almost here I think you wore someone's sweatpants... Continue Reading →

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